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Amy Rundquist

I am a West Michigan based artist. I have loved art my whole life and am largely self-taught. Most of my life I focused on drawing, using pencils and charcoal. Over the past couple years I have moved into painting abstract, with acrylic being my favorite medium. My inspiration comes from nature, primarily the sea and sky.

I've always been a wanna-be artist, but the artist inside kept getting louder and I've set her free.

Shows Etc.


Tiny Art Show

Muskegon Area District Library

Norton Shores Branch

July 2023

Winner, People's Choice

Tiny Art Show

Muskegon Area District Library

North Muskegon Branch

July 2023

Winner, People's Choice


Swiss Art Expo

Zuirch, Switzerland

September 2023

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Artistonish Magazine

August 2023 Edition


Elements 2023

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, X

Online Exhibition

September 10, 2023 - November 10, 2023

Lights Shadows Reflection

Online Exhibition and Publication

September 20, 2023 - November 20, 2023

KBM Gallery

Halloween Exhibition


Nightmare on Art Street

October 7, 2023 - November 17, 2023

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